solzaire (solzaire) wrote,

Diwali at Delhi

This was our first Diwali at Delhi, and in all our enthusiasm, we attempted everything. From making absolutely yummy 'faraaL', to rangoli, to lighting up the house. The best part; we did it completely by ourselves. Click below to go to flickr.

Homemade Diwali faraaL - Chakli, Chiwda, Rava Ladu, Besan Ladu, Shankarpale
Homemade Diwali Sweetmeats

Rangoli outside our door
Rangoli for Diwali

Photos from our California/Nevada/Arizona Aug/Sept trip also up on my flickr. Highlight of that trip: I drove more than 700 miles in the US. Driving there for the first time, wonder why it took so long to do it.
Tags: cooking, delhi, diwali, driving, family, food, home, rangoli, travel, us

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