solzaire (solzaire) wrote,

Using non-US Credit Cards in the US

I learned a cheat code during my last US trip. I used to be puzzled and unable to use my credit card in certain places in the US like gas stations and grocery store self check outs. The reason used to be I was prompted for my 5 digit US zip code. Fibbing doesn't work. The alternative used to be to stand in line and pay at the regular counter. No gas at nights therefore by the way if the station was closed.

Until now. It turns out the valid cheat code is '00000'. It seems this is to enable international customers and non-US cards. Apparently using this code with a US credit card doesn't work since of course your magnetic strip contains your zip code.

Is this common published knowledge? If yes, then I just learned it anew. If not, I hope this helps someone. Does anyone know if this is just a workaround or intended to be an undocumented feature?
Tags: credit cards, travel, us

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