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Old friends, frequent flying, new eating joints

< flame-bait > freegeek and chetanv are getting old. They thought I was actually sitting in my study when I thought that up! < / flame-bait >
I'd like to know where all I have a study to myself.

Visited a couple of very good (expensive but great food) places in the last couple of weeks:
1. Shalom, GK1 N block, serves good Mediterranean food and has a great bar stock (I just had me my Kir Royales). We had good Lamb Tagine, some seafood starters, and grilled fish.
2. Manre, Saket, is a very new French fine dining joint in the MGF mall adjacent to Select Citywalk. Some dishes are very expensive (even 1.5k+ for the steak, salmon, etc.) but the 1k 3-course meal is very good. I had a Mezze platter, sea bass, and Star Anise ice-cream, while the wife had an interesting fusion Lasagne Rendang. The decor is very nice, spacious, and the massive bar is quite nicely designed. A bold experiment for butter-chicken Delhi - let us see if the Kitty parties move out and fine dining actually kicks in. The best restaurant restroom I have seen in India till today by the way.

In other news, I somehow magically qualified to my first elite-level on a Oneworld airline. Result of registering for a promo told to me by a real frequent flier I guess.
Tags: flying, food, frequent flier, friends, oneworld, sarcasm, sigfood

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