solzaire (solzaire) wrote,

Happy New Year

Have a great year ahead folks!

It was a great year work wise, travel wise, and personally.
- Worked on some good things with some great people. Am managing to build up a story in the first few years of my professional life, so happy about that. Good things planned out for this year too.
- Travel was great. Cities visited should be a good indicator so the list is: Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Cochin, Munnar, Thekkady, Kumarakom, Austin, New York, Yorktown Heights, Chicago, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, San Luis Obispo. Lets see if this year takes us anywhere interesting.
- Personally it has been a great time health and fitness wise. Have achieved and maintained my medium term weight objectives, and am exercising very regularly.
- On the net I have taken to twitter, re-discovered flickr, given up paid membership of LJ. I'll move to my personal webspace sometime.

Keep eating seafood!
Tags: food, life, new year, review, wishes

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